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New Release: 900 Global Respect Bowling Ball

The pins will bow to your mercy when you throw the 900 Global Respect.

The Respect is the newest addition to the 900 Global Prime line, joining the Moxie.

The Respect features the Tetra Symmetric Core which was used in the Moxie. This core provides bowlers with an extremely heavy roll due to the low RG and high differential numbers.

Surrounding the Tetra core is the 79 Alert Hybrid coverstock finished at 1500 Grit and coated with polish.

This cover/core combination will provide bowlers with an extremely strong backend reaction on medium to heavy oil conditions. Don't be afraid to move inside and watch this ball hook back from anywhere. The Respect bowling ball retains energy and makes a left (or right) turn once it hits the dry.

900 Global - Performance for YOUR game!

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900 Global Respect Bowling Ball