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New Release: 900 Global Break Down Bowling Ball

Sometimes a blast from the past is just what you need for today's lane conditions. The 900 Global Break Down is that kind of ball!

The Break Down is the newest addition to the 900 Global Preferred Series, joining the All Day and All Night.

The Break Down features the S70 Solid coverstock, famous with 900G fans for its predictability and versatility. The coverstock was used on the original Break as well as in the Eagle line which has had unprecedented success at the USBC Open Championships.

Driving this ball is a modified version of the Break Asymmetric Core that was used in the original Break. The RG numbers have been raised and the differential numbers lowered.

These core tweaks, paired with the S70 Solid coverstock will give added length and added control for when longer/heavier patterns start to break down. This will allow you to stay in the same part of the lane by just switching to this ball.

900 Global - Performance for YOUR game!

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900 Global Break Down Bowling Ball