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New Junior Gold Bowling Ball Layout Rules For Two-Handed Bowlers And More 6/2/2016

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Youth bowlers headed to Indianapolis for the Junior Gold Championships need to be aware of the latest equipment and layout changes implemented by the USBC.

The biggest piece of news is regarding the use of the "triangle" drilling layout for two-handed bowlers. This year, bowlers are only allowed to bring 5 bowling balls to use in competition. The USBC now states that any ball drilled with the "triangle" drilling layout has been deemed ineligible to be used in Junior Gold competition. Due to the fact that the Triangle layout has 6 different gripping orientations, the USBC is considering this to be 6 balls. Since bowlers are only allowed 5 balls in competition, this disqualifies the Triangle Layout.

The USBC continues to try to level the playing field between two-handed or no thumb bowlers and traditional three-finger bowlers. Whether or not this is a good or bad idea is another argument entirely.

Also, the USBC has put restrictions on the "Wi-Fit" or "Duo-Grip" layout. Any Wi-Fit or Duo-Grip bowling ball with finger inserts will be deemed ineligible. Since the finger hole not being used would be considered a balance hole, you cannot have any interchangeable device in such a hole. The USBC will also be counting the Wii/Duo Grip as two bowling balls due to the two different gripping orientation options.

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