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New Feature: Include Discontinued Products customers over time have complained about their search results being a mess because of all of the bowling balls that were "Not Available".  I admit, looking at it from the perspective of a customer that is looking to purchase, that it could be very confusing.   Especially to non bowlers that are just learning about new bowling balls.

Why do we keep them on the site?  There are a couple of reasons:

1) Bowlers like to compare their old bowling equipment to newer equipment.  You may not remember what the coverstock of the bowling ball you have now is, so you want to look it up.  Comparison is one of the best ways to choose your next bowling ball.
2) Bowlers like to reminisce over old bowling balls.  Not your once a week league bowlers, but those that have been bowling since they were young bowlers.  You can listen to them talk together and see that they know way too much about bowling balls.  They can tell you what year different balls came out, how they drilled them, and what they scored with them.  I can't do this, but it is fascinating to witness.

How has this changed?  When searching or browsing the website for bowling equipment, you will now see a checkbox that says "Include Discontinued Products" and is not checked by default.  If you check the box you will be taken to the same page, but with all of the discontinued bowling equipment (if any) shown.