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My First Blog & Cell Pearl Preview

My name is Tony Ruocco and I am the Chief Operating Officer(COO) here at  Unfortunately because of time reasons I have not submitted any blogs to our site but plan to start.

I bowl once a week with other guys from the site in Deltona, Florida on Thursday night.  I will try and post blogs on bowling topics mainly focusing on ball reviews each week.  One of my main duties when it comes to bowling is to review new products before they get released to help our company determine strategies for ordering and to help educate our customers on new products.  All of the reviews you see posted by reviews on our product review section are posted by me.

Tonight will be the first night that I post a blog concerning a ball review.  I will be testing the new Cell Pearl that will be released next month.  We will be doing 3 tests tonight from 3 of our staff guys and posting a video review to follow.  I have opted to use a layout that I have used on other Storm and Roto-Grip balls.  My favorite ball with this layout is the Gravity Shift which rolls awesome for me on just about anything I face during league play.  This layout is pretty simple really which is why I feel it works well and also why we use it to do testing on new balls.  I place the pin 5 1/2" from my Positive Axis Point(PAP) and place the Mass Bias 4" from my PAP.  With this type of layout you just let the Center of Gravity(CG) fall where it falls and use a weight hole to get the static weights in range if needed.

I will follow up tomorrow with a review of what I found out tonight.  I am expecting great things from the Cell Pearl based on the history of the original Cell and the things I have been told by Roto-Grip.
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