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Motiv’s Kickoff to the New Year


I have always been one to say, “What better way to kickoff the New Year than with a bang?” I ring in the New Year by a celebration and then back to work, but for Motiv they celebrate the New Year by preparing for their two new bowling ball releases coming to market. Needless to say, any bowler who is MOTIVated is going to be psyched on these new releases.

The legend is continuing on with Motiv’s Jackal Rising. Now I know the USBC dropped the hammer on them almost two years ago with the original Jackal and the Jackal Carnage, but that has not stopped Motiv or their bowlers who continue to ask for releases of this series and they have not disappointed. With the Predator V3 core and wrapped in the Coercion HV2 Reactive coverstock, this is going to be the ball that is going to combat heavy oil conditions with authority. The Jackal Rising is finished at 2000 Grit Laser Scan Sanded, and I honestly would not recommend this to my fellow two-handed bowlers for the most part unless you have a lower rev rate and/or tremendous speed as this ball is STRONG! But to the one-handed bowlers who need that big hooking ball in their arsenal or a late Christmas present, than the Jackal Rising is going to be the ball for you.


This ball launches on January 10th, 2018. This also is a question that I have directed to the bowlers who are MOTIVated, or to any bowlers whom are reading. What would you like to see next from the Motiv brand? I understand that most of their products are meant to hook out the door and go absolutely sideways. Their Graffiti Tag and Tag Cannon they have go long and then get kicked like a soccer ball on the backend. I can vouch for this as I was a proud owner of the Graffiti Tag. And I, myself being a fan of Motiv and having drilled several of their products over the years, am honestly happy with their quality of product and how their covers hold up as opposed to some other names in the industry. They’re one of the very last brands to fully make a major impact in the industry and having big named bowlers throw their products on the PBA Tour.


So what’s a Motiv bowling ball you would create? I want to hear! If you’re a MOTIVated bowler, subscribe here. If you’re a bowler, subscribe here if you haven’t already. Or, if you’re not a bowler and stumbled upon this article from Google somehow, please subscribe here and get MOTIVated. Remember you can read all new company releases right here at It’s where bowlers go.

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