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Motiv is Feeling MOTIVated This First Quarter


It’s hard to believe that we are already three months into the 2018 calendar year, but more amazing is the fact that Motiv Bowling has announced two new bowling balls to hit pro shop shelves since we have last spoken about their brand. The Venom Shock Pearl continues their most popular line in Motiv’s history, and the new Villain is sure to be a ball that everyone wants to have, even the heroes.

The new Venom Shock Pearl that just dropped on February 21st, continues Motiv’s greatest product line ever. With the Top Gear weight block, this ball is wrapped in the Hexion MFP coverstock. Finished at 5500 Grit LSP (Laser Scan Polished), the new Venom Shock Pearl will be cleaner through the fronts and the mid-lane than the Venom Shock, but give you a more angular backend continuation. Every bowler obviously loves to see their ball make the big left turn, or right turn in case for a left-handed bowler, and the Venom Shock Pearl will surely not disappoint. Meant for medium-dry oil patterns, this could be the second ball out of your bag in a league night or tournaments on medium patterns after the Venom Shock. One-handed bowlers will find this to be an ideal one-two combination, as well for two-handed bowlers. You know that when both styles can have a one-two punch like this, everyone wins, Motiv wins, you win. Plain and simple.

I would like to make some sort of introduction for this ball with the name, the “Villain”. Now we all know in movies, villains are the antagonists; ones who want to spoil the party and create the crimes. The new Villain from Motiv, however, is going to be a superhero bowling ball for you, and the villain for all the other bowlers you compete against.

The Sinister weight block that is featured in the Villain will be wrapped in the Coercion MFS coverstock. Finished at 3000 Grit LSS (Laser Scan Sanded), the Villain is going to be the ball that is cleaner and gives more length than any other asymmetrical core ball in Motiv’s product line. Normally when you hear clean and length, you never think of an asymmetrical core bowling ball. With the new Villain, anything is possible. Meant for medium-heavy oil lane conditions, this ball will give impressive power and backend continuation through the pin deck. One-handed bowlers will find this ball extremely helpful on days where they put down more mL of oil and a longer pattern. Two-handed bowlers can get away with a ball like this, but only if you drill it traditionally weaker than what this ball is designed to do. We don’t really like bowling balls that read up really early, which is why we tend to stay away from asymmetrical weight blocks.

Being someone whom has thrown asymmetrical products from Motiv before, I definitely need length when it comes to these type of bowling balls, the new Villain is going to be a ball that if you’re a two-handed bowler, will want to tame the layout just a bit. Get yours March 28th.

Motiv sure does have great options with their new Venom Shock Pearl and Villain. Which will you drill? Read all things everything in the great sport of bowling right here at It’s where bowlers go.