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Motiv Bowling’s Fourth Quarter 10/31/2017

It’s been quite some time since I’ve written about anything in relation to Motiv Bowling. With all the hype and all the messages I’ve received on social media asking for me to write about Motiv’s latest products, I figured what better way than to give my viewers and readers what they want. That’s truly what any good journalist, or any good writer does, is listen to the readers.

In October, Motiv released their most hooking asymmetrical pearl to ever come from their company, the Trident Quest. A lot of my friends who throw Motiv products had a lot of hype coming with this ball, and boy, has it delivered. Featuring the Turbulent core and wrapped with the Hexion Reactive cover, this ball is going to be really great on those medium to heavy oil patterns. You will see the Trident Quest be clean through the front, smooth throughout the mid-lane, and give you an aggressive angular backend that all bowlers will know you are on a quest to knock ten pins down every shot. Truly a ball that I have seen fly off the shelves and one that all one-handed bowlers love.

As most two-handed bowlers are very rarely seen throwing asymmetrical products, the Trident Quest will be more seen in the hands of one-handed bowlers on medium-heavy oil patterns. Probably be the first or second ball out of your bag at league night or one of the first when you go to tournaments and bowl on a long pattern. This ball will surely NOT disappoint!

Motiv is going to also be having a big November when they release their third in the Paranoia line, the Lethal Paranoia. We never really saw many original Paranoia’s hit the lanes, but the Chronic Paranoia became very popular to Motiv bowlers and bowlers alike when E.J. Tackett won the World Championship just one year ago throwing that ball. The Lethal Paranoia hasn’t even hit the shelves yet and bowler’s heads are already spinning around in a million directions. Featuring the Oblivion core and wrapped in the Hexion Hybrid cover, this ball will give you a delayed ball reaction on the backend on medium-heavy oil. You can see this ball being the next ball in line right after the Trident Quest for when you need a ball that will go longer and not have that aggressive angular backend featured with the Trident Quest. With the hybrid cover, this ball will really blend out the pattern nicely when you need to fix the over/under ball reaction you’re having.

Motiv fans and bowlers have also seen the likes of some of their more weaker releases this year, from the popular Tank Rampage to the Tag Cannon that replaced the original Graffiti Tag. This is a ball that can go 45 feet and then has a kick on the backend like a soccer ball. These are two bowling balls I could see myself throwing quite often, on a fresh medium pattern or when the lanes get very fried on the variety of oil patterns we see out on the lanes today.

I’m proud to say that I can call some of Motiv’s top people friends of mine, and I’m proud that readers and bowlers looking to improve their game ask me about Motiv products and what will work well for them. Very happily I can bring you insight on Motiv Bowling’s latest products, and every company right here at, it’s where bowlers go.

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