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MOTIV Bowling Advances to the PBA National All-Tour Program

It hasn’t even been 2 years yet and, already, the MOTIV™ brand of bowling balls is surpassing expectations. This success has allowed the company to step up their game with the PBA and advance registration to the national level.
For the 2010-2011 bowling season, MOTIV™ equipment will be registered under the All-Tour Competition program. This allows MOTIV™ equipment to be used, not only in regional and senior PBA competition, but in national events as well. This is a huge step forward for the young brand.
Now that the company is registered nationally with the PBA, the opportunity to get more bowlers MOTIVated is massive. “We are absolutely fired up about advancing our PBA registration to the national level”, states Scott Hewitt, VP of Marketing. “When we launched the product line less than 2 years ago, we could only imagine how exciting this opportunity would be. This PBA All-Tour Competition registration is a big investment for us and we believe it will further strengthen our position in the bowling market.”
Without a doubt, MOTIV™ is getting recognized in the bowling industry. When the brand launched, many people in the industry questioned the decision of the company to launch a new bowling ball brand. “I think one of our distributors said it best”, states Hewitt, “He said to me, think of the bowling ball market as a big mountain. Other ball companies are just trying to hang on. Then, here comes MOTIV™, running up the side.”
The people at MOTIV™ were always confident in their future success. One reason was because of the solid experienced team of people behind the operation. Before the MOTIV brand was launched, the company had manufactured high performance bowling ball cores for other brands in the bowling industry. But, this manufacturing expertise alone was not enough.
According to Scott Wilbur, President of the company, “We knew MOTIV™ was going to be a huge success when we engineered NeoMark™ coverstock graphics technology (patent pending). Instead of engraving logos onto the high performance balls, like every other brand, our NeoMark™ graphics integrate with the coverstock and make MOTIV™ equipment distinctive.”
Certainly there is something unique about MOTIV™, and the new PBA national registration will enable the company to Motivate more bowlers than ever before. For more information on the company and its products, visit