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Modern Bowling Ball Surface Maintenance

A commonly asked question manufacturers receive is how long is the life expectancy of modern bowling balls? One of the answers lies in routine surface maintenance.
We can only guess how long a new bowling ball will perform well or will last before potential core separation or coverstock cracking occurs. It may be that a new ball has at least ten or more years of reliable life.
If routine maintenance is performed on any bowling ball surface, you will prolong the life expectancy of that given bowling ball. It is not a stretch to assume that a new ball today can easily last five to ten years if the coverstock maintenance is scheduled routinely and if the ball is not left outside of ambient temperatures.
The frequency of defective items in new bowling balls is relatively minimal. In fact, manufacturers boast that only about 2%-4% of all new bowling balls have defects and are not first line items.
Protect your investment in new bowling balls. Establish a routine and reliable method for coverstock maintenance. Nothing can be done about a core separation, coverstock damage, or a surface blemish other than ask your vendor for a replacement item. The only thing you can do is protect the surface of your bowling balls. Routine surface maintenance is the key.
If you are like most bowlers, you randomly visit a pro shop when you feel it is time to clean, texture and/or polish your bowling ball coverstocks. This usually occurs when the ball surfaces appear very dull or when it have lost reaction capabilities.
To restore the ball to as near to new and out-of-the-box reaction capabilities, get to the pro shop on a regular basis and develop a habit of maintaining your coverstocks.
Screening, cleaning and/or polishing your bowling ball coverstock on a predetermined basis will prolong usefulness of your equipment.
Follow a simple schedule in getting your bowling ball coverstock maintained by your local pro shop professional.
Here is a simple guideline to performing coverstock surface maintenance:
1. Re-polish shiny bowling balls ten games (10) of bowling and scuff with chosen grit Abralon pads your dull bowling balls after ten games (10) of bowling...
2. Scuff and re-polish shiny bowling balls after 30 games (30) of bowling...
3. Full resurface is needed and finger inserts should be replaced after 60 games (60) of bowling...
4. Repeat steps 1-3 for the next interval of 60 games of bowling (60)...
5. To reduce oil absorption, clean your ball coverstock with a ball cleaner during or after each use.

Some surface preparations will help your ball to read the lane surface earlier and some later. There are surface textures to provide a greater or lesser amount of hook motion when transitioning in the mid-lane and on the back-ends of the lane.
Once you learn which surface texture each of your bowling balls requires to give you the ball reactions you seek, get in the habit of restoring these textures on a routine basis.
Coverstock maintenance services are available for a modest fee at most pro shops. Consult with your local pro shop professional to prepare the ball surfaces of your equipment to match with lane conditions you encounter most frequently.