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Methods For Making Spares

Spares are an important part of your game whether you are male or female, whether you are a 120 or 200 average bowler. There is nothing worse than having 8 strikes in a game 4 opens and shooting 170. If you make all your spares in a game you will still shoot 180 or 190. That's much better than 160.

There are two basic spare shooting techniques that I use in the clinics that I give. The first is the 3-6-9 rule. You simply use your strike target and move your feet 3 boards to the right for where you are standing for the 2 pin, 6 boards to the right for a 4 pin and 9 boards to the right for a 7 pin. (Use the reverse for a left-handed bowler) Use your strike target to shoot at the spare. Also, watch what your ball does. If it misses to the right you may not have to move as much. The lane will tell you how to move. This is also just a guideline to get you lined up properly.

The other option which I myself use it to throw a plastic ball at your spares. (I do not use this for double wood spares) Using a plastic ball takes the lane out of play. The ball should not hook at all or very little. This allows you to line up straight to your spare and throw right at it. A standard line is standing on 35 and looking between the 3rd and 4th arrow for the 10 pin. And standing on 10 looking between the 3rd and 4th arrow for the 7 pin. (Once again use the reverse for a left-handed bowler) This option is good for someone who cannot throw the ball very hard at their spares and finds that the ball has a habit of hooking.

These are two common practices for spare shooting. I think they will definitely improve your average and make the game more enjoyable. Good Luck and good bowling.
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