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Lively Bowling Footwork For Seniors

Experienced senior bowlers likely have learned to bowl with slow, methodical footwork, and for good reason. Slow footwork can help you maintain good bowling balance and precise swing tempo.

If you are a senior bowler and need to pick up a bit of ball speed and free up your arm swing, try using lively steps when walking to the foul line.

Keep your feet moving.

Avoid hesitating after each step and stalking the foul line. When you walk lightly on the approach using somewhat swift footwork pace, you can develop a steady and loose rhythm.

Too many senior bowlers overdo the slow approach concept that they control their arm swing by using too much muscle tension in their bowling arm and legs. This can result in a loss of accuracy and a breakdown in delivery consistency.

Put some pep in your step. Speed up your pace of footwork a notch or two in tempo and allow your swing to do the same. With a lively pace of steps, you can generate a bit more bowling ball speed than when using slow and methodical steps.

It helps to keep your upper body posture motionless when picking up footwork pace. Maintain a steady spine angle throughout your approach and delivery and you will not lose balance by moving more swiftly to the foul line.

You can practice your increased pace of footwork when you take your morning walk in your neighborhood. Practice the pace of your bowling steps and then add a little more speed to each step without digging into the ground.

Walking softly and swiftly on the bowling lane approach can add swing speed, reduce arm and leg tension, and help you to finish your forward swing to a full and complete follow-through position.

In all sports, there is an element of attack needed to succeed. Unless you have real physical issues where your doctor suggests you “take it easy” on the lanes, develop the mentality of taking lively steps to the foul line and free up your game.