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Linds Bowling Shoes

If you are searching for good deals on Linds bowling shoes, you can find a variety of selections here at Shoppers for shoes today are conscious of the best of styles, multiple colors, comfort, stability, and good prices. It is easy to find Linds bowling shoes with eye appeal and with styles ranging from the casual and very comfortable sport shoe to more of a classic style shoe which not only looks good but offers both quality and at great value.

To find Linds shoes on our site, simply click on the "Bowling Shoes" button on the home page, click on "manufacturer", and then choose the "Linds" option. Take some time to search shoe models displayed as you browse the provided pages, then click on the image of any model you choose. You will bring up a colorful and enlarged picture including description details of the given shoe model, reviews by our customers about the given model, and you can search for product availability before beginning the purchase process. Also, suggests you check out the size window, the Sure Fit Plan window, and the aSured Plan window, all of which provides detail information about your selection of Linds shoes.

If you are searching for a high-end shoe model, the Women's Exxtra 2 White/Pink Right Handed is a great choice and is priced at $139.99 with an MSRP of $174.99. The Women's Exxtra II model features comfort and performance in a traditional style shoe using the VHS II special slide sole and a top grade traction sole. This sole is a wide design for purposes of stability and balance. You can fine tune your slide in small increments rather than removing an entire sole or heel. The Women's Exxtra II model also features premium U.S. leather uppers and anti-bacterial footbeds and includes four optional sole inserts and three optional heel inserts. This is a great shoe descending from the long line of successful bowling shoes made by Linds.

The Linds Men's CPV model comes in black/brown and white/brown colors and is priced at $149.99. This wide width model also provides stability and balance you expect from a Linds high-end shoe by using the VHS II slide technology with adjustable portions of the sole and heel to match other parts of the sole and heel, as needed. This slide technology makes it easy to slide smoothly on wood or synthetic approach surfaces. Of course, the U.S. made leather uppers offer the comfort you expect in a quality shoe.

Other shoe selections include the Women's Rocket Left Handed in red and white colors priced at only $59.99 with an MSRP of $76.99. This performance shoe features a microfiber slide sole and proven Linds traction heels. At the same price point, the Women's Sophia Right Handed model is priced at $59.99 and is available in black and white colors. The Sophia model moves up from an entry level shoe as has the microfiber slide sole and proven Linds traction heel.

The Men's Jet in black color as is priced only at $42.99. The Jet model is universal in design and features a felt sliding sole design and durable, sport leather uppers making this shoe an excellent choice for the investment.

For the kids, the Girl's Demi model is white and pink in color and is priced at $42.99. The Demi model is a universal shoe for kids and features a felt sliding sole with durable leather uppers and the proven Linds Heel.

The Boy's Chip shoe is also priced at $38.99 and comes in white color and features a universal design, the felt sliding sole and proven Linds traction keel plus has the durable leather uppers Linds shoes are know to feature.

Please do not forget about our Men's and Women's Inch-To-Size Charts to help you find the proper fitting shoe during your purchase process. You can locate these charts by simply clicking on "shoe size" under "Site Features" near the bottom of our home page.

We suggest including our Shoe Protectors Pair along with your shoe purchase for an additional $9.99. These protectors avoid picking up moisture on the soles of your bowling shoes, or other foreign substances while you move about the settee area or on the concourse of your local bowling center. Our shoe protectors slip directly over the shoes and are available in three sizes for women and multiple sizes for the men.

Very importantly, please don’t forget that every item at includes our free shipping policy with no hidden handling charges, with free insurance, and will be delivered right to your doorstep. Of course, purchasing one of our gift certificate options will enable you to plan for your family or friend's birthdays, for the holidays, or to introduce someone new to the game.

The most popular place to shop online is here at our site where we have become the No. 1 “e-tailer” of choice for women's bowling shoes by the consumers of America. You will find it easy to place an order by following the simple online instructions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day of the year. Thanks for visiting!