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Leave the Thanksgiving Turkey Alone and Check Out Bowling’s Holiday Ornaments – December 2009 – No Holes Barred

THE HOLIDAYS MEAN different things to different people. For some, they are the special times of family get-togethers. For others, they represent a celebration of great food and plenty of holiday cheer... preferably the chilled variety. And for still others, they may mean a time for giving to those less fortunate or in need. Whatever your reasons are for enjoying friends, family, good food and drink, or even gift giving, remember to cherish these days as they are not a given for anyone.
Since most of us are a few pounds heavier due to a plentiful Thanksgiving feast, let’s focus on gift-giving in lieu of treating ourselves to extra helpings of the tasty morsels. This month’s offerings are as diverse as we’ve ever tested and are sure to satisfy those in need of a new ball. There are new mid-priced to ultra high-performance products from which to choose. Or you can choose from a solid reactive, a pearl reactive, a particle pearl and even a hybrid coverstock for the green crowd. We also feature balls designed for light, medium or heavier oil to help satisfy the most discriminating buyer or user. And make sure when shopping for that special someone at your favorite pro shop that you also let others know what you’re in need of, too.