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Lane # 1 Droid Bowling Ball

When searching for the Droid bowling ball, go no further than here at our site to find this latest release from an exciting company in the bowling industry which provides quality lines of bowling balls. The Droid bowling ball is a recent release joining other outstanding pro performance bowling balls available for a great price, with free shipping, free insurance, and no hidden charges at

Let's check out some technology information about the Droid which is currently selling for $179.99:
Product ID: 10124

Brand: Lane #1

Release Date: 01/30/2012

Perfect Scale®: TBD

Performance: Pro Performance(10)

RG: 2.566

Differential: 0.045 (Low/Med)

Mass Bias Diff: 0.012 (Med)

Flare Potential: 4"

Breakpoint Shape: Hard Backend Arc

Lane Condition: Heavy

Finish: Sanded

Coverstock: Reactive Resin

Coverstock Name: Bionic (Blended Ion)

Factory Finish: 2000 Abralon

Core Type: Symmetric

Core Name: Cyborg Diamond

Quality: First Quality

Color(s): Black,Green

The all-new Cyborg Diamond Core revs heavy in the mid-lane, producing a strong hard arc on the backend. Combine that with the Lane #1 new Bionic (Blended Ion) coverstock and you will soon find a strong back-end arc on oily conditions. Remember, with a symmetric core design and a medium flare potential rating, this ball will never over-skid in the front end and will transition smoothly in the mid-lane thereby guaranteeing a smooth transition at the break point coupling with the hard back-end arc to the pocket. Of course, you can easily fine tune the ball reaction by altering the surface texture slightly to either add or reduce ball skid to fit the lane conditions you encounter. has become the No. 1 “e-tailer” of choice for bowling ball equipment by the consumers of America. Ordering is an easy process by following simple online instructions. Thanks for visiting

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