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Lane #1 Bowling Balls

Lane #1 bowling balls are among the most popular choice of equipment in today's market because of a full line of performance rated bowling balls. Lane #1 bowling balls have become a top name in the industry because of its clever designs ranging in reactive, plastic, and urethane balls and from balls matching well on very dry lanes to ones built for heavy oil conditions. Lane #1 ball choices are currently available on our site and are available for a great price, with free shipping, with free insurance, and with absolutely no hidden handling charges at

Beginning with the entry level plastic XXXL Starburst model designed for dry lanes, this ball is a good choice for senior bowlers or youth bowlers with slow ball speed and is a 2-piece design with a low flare potential and a highly polished coverstock making it also a great choice for very talented tournament players when the lanes become very dry and control is of the utmost importance.

The Pink Panther ball has become very popular because of its striking hot-pink color and because of its ability move cleanly through the front end of the lane and has enough track flare to create a good angle of entry from the break point down the lane. The Pink Panther is a polished reactive coverstock with a 5" flare potential rating and works well in medium-heavy oil conditions.

Another good selection for medium-heavy oil conditions is the Boom-R'ANG which is a highly polished reactive coverstock and has a 4" flare potential designed with a core changing axis every rotation thereby creating continuous and dependable back end ball motion. In the era of controlling ball motion being so key to success in scoring, medium flare balls (such as the Boomerang) with good coverstocks will more often than not on most conditions.

The Dynamo ball is a good choice for heavy oil conditions because of it highly reactive coverstock and symmetric core design which eliminates the over-under ball motion but still retains a 5" + flare potential rating to react strongly on the back end of the lane. Turn to the Dynamo when you need to fight the heavy oil Red pattern house conditions to get a controllable ball motion and good angle of entry into the pins.

The Big Curve is the most aggressive-ever Lane #1 bowling ball. Use the Big Curve on heavy oil and trust it to react with a great deal of controlled motion due to its 4" flare potential and asymmetric core which allow the Big Curve to retain enough energy on the back end to maximize pin carry.

Please try referencing our Perfect Scale® rating feature which is useful by providing comparisons of the latest bowling balls in today’s market against our sophisticated rating scale system producing many choice of bowling balls matching to a wide variety of oil conditions. The Perfect Scale® can be easily accessed from our home page by clicking on the button and then browsing the information provided at the Perfect Scale®. Our goal is to simply make it easier for you to compare products and feel confident in your purchase selection process. has become the No. 1 “e-tailer” of choice for bowling equipment by the consumers of America. Ordering is an easy process by following simple online instructions 24 hours a day, every day of the year! Thanks for visiting

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