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Know Your Bowling Teammate's Ball Reaction

It can be very useful to know your teammate’s ball reaction and how he or she lines up to the pocket. If you are struggling slightly to align yourself to the pocket, watching your teammate can prove worthwhile.

Select one teammate who delivers the ball similar to your style and hooks the ball about the same number of boards. It is easier to line up off a similar delivery style than one dramatically different than your own.

There are a couple of common points to observe when watching a teammate play a given lane condition.

First, observe the exact board the instep of your teammate’s sliding bowling shoe covers when sliding into the foul line.

Next, observe the exact board the your teammate’s bowling ball contacts on the lane surface the moment the ball hits the lane.

Then watch the precise board your teammate’s bowling ball crosses at the targeting arrows about 15 or so feet down the lane.

Finally, watch where the ball changes direction on the back end of the lane at the breakpoint and watch exactly where in the pocket the ball impacts the pins.

If your teammate makes a good shot and the ball hits solid in the pocket, you can re-create the identical ball delivery path. Merely slide on the same board as your teammate and sight at the spot your teammate’s ball crossed at the bowling arrows.

This copy-cat alignment strategy can get you darn close to being lined up to the pocket yourself, where perhaps only a small adjustment from that alignment will end up working very well.

Developing positive inner-team communication is essential for a team to be successful. If one team member is bowling well, it helps to know why and how that teammate is playing the lanes.

Of course, if you are the teammate bowling well and hitting the pocket consistently, you can share your strategy with your teammate who may be struggling if he or she is receptive to listening.

Using your eyes on the lanes during important competition is vital to success. You can figure things out quickly if you are paying attention to watching bowling deliveries tracking to the pocket and adjust as needed.

Your eyes are your best bowling ally.