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Kick Off The Bowling Season With A Lesson

If you are an intermediate average-range bowler to a more advanced bowler who averages 180 or less, why not kick off the bowling season with a lesson? In many cases, bowlers will take off during the summer months to vacation, particularly those of you living in the snow-belt areas of the country, for example, and don't bowl too much during summer months. If you are among these bowlers, then there might be a little "bowling rust" in your game and, therefore, it might be wise to kick off the bowling season with a lesson.

Next time you are at the bowling center, inquire at the control desk and in the pro shop how you might find an experienced bowling coach to discuss taking a bowling lesson. Also, you may find names and contact information in local bowling newspapers or in bowling magazines advertising certified bowling coaches skilled in coaching experienced bowlers in need of tuning up their games. offers a bowling coach locator service and you can access this service via the link provided at:

We recommend you try and take a couple of minutes to interview prospective instructors so you find someone who you might feel comfortable working with on the lanes. It is also a good idea to inquire as to the experience level or certification level the coach may have been accredited. The USBC (United States Bowling Congress) offers Level 1, Bronze, Silver, and Gold levels of certifications. The higher the level of certification, the more experience and more training a coach typically possesses. Of course, there are many excellent coaches who are pro shop operators or bowling professionals you may wish to consider. Taking just a little time to research the coaching resources in your area will lead you to the right instructor.

You will find that bowling instructors can help compartmentalize your physical game and can assist you in identifying key components to your game such as set-up, timing, footwork, swing, release, balance, and finish position. Knowing which fundamentals to practice and learning to develop an awareness of what techniques to implement in these key areas of the physical game will get you moving in a positive direction.

Often, coaches will keep adjustments to your physical game very simple to administer so during competition, you will not have too many thoughts running through your mind. Working with your coach can hasten the waiting period of getting your game firing on all cylinders. It is also common to find that the cost of using a certified USBC instructor or an experienced pro shop professional certified in coaching is very reasonable.

Group sessions might be another option if you do not choose to take a private lesson with a coach. Group clinics can be very affordable and get you just enough brush-up techniques to make sure you begin the season effectively. You may wish to discuss taking a group lesson with your teammates and each of you can tune your games for the new season and save money at the same time by getting a group rate.

After you take a lesson, there are always a few simple strategies to help you on the lanes such as thinking only about your next delivery of the bowling ball and not getting ahead of yourself beyond that delivery. Although it sounds easy or simple enough that it would be automatic, quite the opposite is true unless you develop an awareness to think only about the next shot at hand.

When you are in a competitive session and are bowling well, like having the first 6 strikes in a row in a given game of league or tournament play, for example, it is normal to think about a perfect game with only six more consecutive strikes. Expectations create anxiety. Avoid thinking too far ahead in the game or in the competition. Remain focused on your next delivery and follow the age old adage of "making one good shot at a time."

Of course, you must pay attention to playing the lanes properly so you can hit the pocket with a high degree of regularity. Lane adjustments are an important part of a successful game and is another area where your coach can help. If you choose a coach with local knowledge of the lanes where you bowl most frequently, then the coach can surely address lane adjustments with you as part of the session you schedule. Don't forget to work on developing a good spare shooting system.

After you have completed your lesson, try to remind yourself not only of the tips you received during your coaching session but also of these five general physical game keys to help you make one good shot at a time:

1. Focus your eyes on your target throughout the approach and delivery with full commitment.

2. Maintain an athletic posture and good balance during your approach.

3. Maintain consistent pace or tempo of footsteps. Try and avoid accelerating your steps excessively, particularly the first two and final two steps of your approach, which are the most critical. Fast steps will cause hurried and inaccurate releases.

4. Swing your bowling ball freely and smoothly without arm tension. Try to maintain a consistent swing tempo on the backswing and forward swing on each delivery.

5. Hold your form at the foul line until your ball passes your target. Balance during and after the critical release of the ball is vital to accuracy and good results.

We hope you get out to your local bowling center and kick off the bowling season with a lesson.

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