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Key Your Bowling Ball Release Sooner

If you are hanging on to your ball too long, then key your bowling release sooner than you presently do.

When you catch yourself lofting the ball too far over the foul line and where the ball travels upward before bouncing noticeably on the lane surface, you are releasing the ball too late.

The remedy is to key your release earlier than normal with respect to your swing arc.

A good release occurs when your bowling thumb exist the ball at the back of your sliding bowling shoe and your fingers rotate and exit the ball no later than at the toe of your bowling shoe.

This release action happens very quickly so if you want to let the ball go 6 inches sooner on the forward swing and at the bottom of the swing arc, you must think of releasing it early in the downswing to compensate.

Because your hand swings the ball swiftly, it is easy to miss the release point and be late exiting your hand out of the ball.

When you are late, the ball goes airborne and bounces excessively on the lane surface.

A late release causes inconsistent ball skid distance and can adversely affect your ball reaction.

To key your release sooner than you presently do, think of releasing the ball well before your ball reaches the bottom of the forward swing arc.

In actuality, keying the release back and near the top of your backswing will help you begin the release closer to the bottom of the swing arc as opposed to releasing it on the upswing in front of your sliding foot.

During practice, think of letting the ball go as your ball falls from the top of the backswing into the downswing but well before the ball reaches the bottom of your forward swing.

Because the ball is moving forward rapidly, you will feel like you are letting the ball go too soon but instead, you will release the ball in the proper zone relative to your sliding shoe.

You will know when you are releasing the ball on time when you find the ball is entering the lane at a gradual angle of descent and bouncing is greatly reduced.

You will hear plenty of bowling dialogue about good timing, early timing, and late timing. Everything is based on letting the ball go at the “right time” near the bottom of your forward swing so you control ball skid distance effectively and gain a reliable ball reaction.

It is recommended to work on the release changes under the guidance of an experienced bowling instructor.

If you feel you are letting it go late, key your bowling ball release sooner.

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