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Keep Your Eyes On Your Bowling Ball, Originally Posted: 8/6/2013; Updated: 3/27/2023

Almost all bowlers are taught to focus on their sighting target on the lane, to “spot” bowl and to watch the bowling ball pass over their “spot” on the lane.
It is surprising that far too many bowlers admit to losing focus of their sighting target when beginning their approach because they are thinking so hard about the mechanics of their game.
Keeping your mind on your target while delivering your bowling ball is a key component in improving your accuracy on the lanes.
However, once you train yourself to watch your ball roll over your sighting target, your job watching your bowling ball is not complete.
Zoom in on your sighting target and then zoom in more closely yet on watching your ball roll carefully in the mid-lane. The mid-lane can be construed as the center 20 foot portion of the lane.
It is in the mid-lane where your bowling ball transitions from the skid phase of ball motion to the hook phase of motion.
Depending how quickly your ball begins to hook, whether it is closer to the bowling arrows or further down the lane than you expected, that will tip you off if you need to make an adjustment your next delivery on that lane or if you need a ball change.
Watching your ball roll very carefully in the mid-lane is vital to “reading the lanes” effectively.
If you peek by looking up when delivering your ball and taking your eyes off of your spot on the lane, chances are you also are not watching your ball reaction in the mid-lane.
It is in the mid-lane where the whole story is told regarding the ball reaction. If you wish for your ball to react properly on the back end of the lane and hit the pocket consistently, you must learn to read your ball reaction in the mid-lane.

No bowler can read the lanes well unless they carefully watch their bowling ball travel the entire distance of the lane and make impact with the pins. If you are lined up correctly, you can get away with a slightly errant shot and still hit the pocket on most lane conditions.
Avoid merely holding your breath and hoping to get a good ball reaction. Instead, make a confident delivery by watching your ball roll over your spot on the lane and continue keeping your eyes carefully focused on your ball traveling the remaining distance of the lane.
Your eyes are your most valuable tool you have in bowling. Your eyes see what is happening with your ball reaction, signal your brain if the reaction is not what you expected or intended. Your brain can make the decision to implement an adjustment and command your body to execute the adjustment accordingly.
Success in bowling lies with the simple notion of keeping your eyes on your bowling ball.
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