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Keep Your Chin Facing Your Bowling Target

One of PBA Hall of Fame Champion Johnny Petraglia’s favorite tips for his pro-am partners or for bowlers at clinics where Johnny has appeared through the years is “keep your chin facing your bowling target.”

Having used this tip and crediting John before in previous articles posted on, I thought it would be a good idea to elaborate slightly and share with you what John told me personally about his tip.

After hearing Johnny give this tip several times first hand years ago, I asked Johnny what he specifically meant when he says “keep your chin facing your bowling target”?

John answered me by saying that “he feels people will move their head too much and away from their target while making an approach and during their delivery.”

Coming from the only player in PBA history to win titles in six decades, perhaps we should all heed a little simple advice from John, particularly when making important shots in competition.

John went on to comment to me that “he believes keeping the head aligned with the bowling sighting target on the lane will make it easy to see the target and make a positive and accurate delivery.”

In short, John thinks many bowlers move their heads too much when they bowl.

With John’s tip in mind, try working at keeping your head steady with your chin at or above shoulder level to help you maintain good overall balance.

If you keep the front part of the chin facing your target on the lane and your eyes focused on your target, your chances of making an accurate bowling ball delivery will increase.

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