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Justin Bieber Goes Bowling For His New Music Video “Baby”!

Ladies and gentlemen, a bowling video just got 270 million views on YouTube. It's the biggest sensation to hit a bowling alley... ever. No, we're not talking about Walter Ray Williams Jr, Jason Belmonte, Norm Duke, Pete Weber or Tommy Jones. We're talking about...

Justin Bieber.

The teen heartthrob that has taken the world by storm, took to the lanes for his newest music video for the song "Baby". The song features Atlanta rapper Ludacris, who took part in this year's PBA Chris Paul Celebrity Invitational, teaming with PDW for the event. The video features the two stars, as well as up-and-comer Drake.

The video uses the typical teenage puppy love storyline, but ironically features Ludacris who is known for his songs "What's Ur Fantasy" and "My Chick Bad". It's like the Care Bears meet Gene Simmons.

The bottom line though, is that bowling is in the spotlight. If millions of teenagers think bowling is cool because of Bieber-mania, that is a great thing for our sport. Keep bowling Justin!