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Invest Time Working On Your Bowling Game

If you are a 175 average bowler or less, dedicated and purposeful practice can help you raise your average and post better scores.

You first must have the desire to work on your game. Not everyone enjoys practicing. Not all of you like working on new techniques to improve your skills.

If you are one of these bowlers who only enjoys bowling leagues and occasional tournaments and never practices, then that strategy is perfectly alright.

It needs to be said, however, that improving your game is difficult without dedicated practice if you have no intentions of doing so.

If you are a player, however, wishing to work on your game and spend some time working on the important components of the game, develop a practice plan with a useful structure so your investment of time and money pays dividends.

Work on your physical game fundamentals to bolster your strengths and to reduce weaknesses in your present game.

Any successful coach (or coaching school), past or present, always develops an organized process or structure for students to practice. The most successful players practice with the end in mind.

Prepare your own checklist containing the physical components of your game, so you may work on these keys to your game during non-competitive sessions.

Work on the strengths of your game. Make sure your footwork is stable and steady and you walk your lines.

Practice a smooth beginning of your arm swing and allow your bowling ball to fall from the top of your backswing into your forward swing using the forces of gravity free from tension and arm control.

Keep your forward swing close to your body and on your intended target path each delivery.

Make an accelerated and full follow-through swing motion toward your intended sighting target.

We hope these tips help and encourage you to develop your own practice plan of action. Invest time in your game and reap the rewards of high bowling scores.