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Introducing the Track Up-Rising Video Ball Review

This Bowling Ball Reaction Video is of the Up-Rising.

The Up-Rising combines their large MegaTron single density core with an all new jet black high performance generation 2 reactive coverstock.  This ball claims to have one of the strongest cores in the sport today, combined with one of the most forgiving coverstocks ever seen.  We drilled one up to put it to the test.

We used Track's basic layout #1 on our Up-Rising test ball.  We placed the pin 1 inch above the center of the grip and the Mass Bias 3 inches right of the center line.  This is supposed to give us a big hook with strong continuation.

Overall the Up-Rising rolled great on the typical house shot (THS) we tested it on.  It cleared the heads with ease, and gave me a consistent motion on the backend that was powerful and predictable.

Ball Tester: Brian Halstrom