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Improving Bowling Accuracy

If you are averaging 170 or less and wish to take your game more seriously and work at improving bowling accuracy, then there are several physical game keys to consider.

Our staff at realizes it is very important to identify which physical game fundamentals to place emphasize on during your practice sessions.

Let’s quickly examine some of these keys to the game so you can go to work on them right away in an effort to improving bowling accuracy:

Ball Speed & Direction - regulating your ball speed from delivery to delivery. You can accomplish this task by gripping your bowling ball firmly enough to hold onto to it during the swing cycle but no so tightly as to apply tension to your arms while the ball swings. Maintaining tempo in your back swing and forward swing cycles is essential to delivering your bowling ball at a constant ball speed.

Your forward swing path must follow the direction you need to deliver your bowling ball toward your sighting target on the lane. Make certain your forward swing path matches the desired delivery angle to hit your mark on the lane.

Footwork - maintain a consistent tempo of steps during your approach and resist the urge to hurry your final two steps in anticipation of rolling a strike. Fast final steps lead to hurried deliveries and result in less accurate shots.

Walk your lines. If you walk a very straight path to the foul line, then make certain you repeat the same walking pattern each delivery regardless of your alignment positioning on the approach. Drifting away from the board you are supposed to slide on can cause your arm swing to change directions and your hand to turn your ball earlier than intended. If you drift, then do so repeatedly with the same amount of drift each delivery. Discipline in walking your lines will lead to good ball control.

Follow Through - complete your follow through motion toward your target and with the bottom portion of your bowling elbow reaching shoulder level.

Accelerate your forward swing each delivery but within your ability to maintain balance while you deliver your bowling ball.

Hold your form at the foul line and keep your eyes on your target.

Balance - maintain good upper body balance during your approach, particularly while you are making the critical release of the ball. Good balance is vital in improving bowling accuracy.

Keep your head and shoulders very steady and without excessive motion during your approach to set up your delivery and to help you maintain good overall balance.

Sighting Target - hold your form at the foul line and focus your eyes on your sighting target. It is important to commit to a specific target. Take dead aim.

These simple tasks are all positive contributors to gaining control of your deliveries. Practice each of these keys when working on your game. Spend a little time on each area of your game so you can rely on improving your techniques when in competition.

If you have any questions about your game, it is recommended you seek professional coaching either from a certified bowling instructor or from a local bowling professional trained in helping bowlers improve their game.

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