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Hybrid Coverstocks Are the Latest Wrinkle to Help Consumers Buy the Right Ball – April 2009 – No Holes Barred

IT’S AN ALL GREEN ISSUE THIS MONTH. All of the April batch of balls are born into the green hybrid-family of coverstocks. It’s just the latest technological wrinkle to help consumers buy the right ball. That’s because buying the wrong ball is not only upsetting for the consumer, but it also disappoints the ball driller, who honestly wants each and every bowler to be totally satisfied with both fit and performance. The key points in avoiding the wrong ball are knowing
your abilities as a bowler and the full capabilities of your specific ball choice. Example: If you can only play within a board or two of 2nd arrow and currently use an entry-level urethane or reactive, do not choose a ball designed to hook ten boards more. If that does happen to you, your best option is to move substantially to the left (10 boards or so) and move your eyes to the 3rd arrow. This creates more launch angle, and you should throw the ball where it will encounter more oil so it will hook less and go longer. If you can’t make the physical adjustments, your ball choice should simply have been a newer version of what you were previously using because the total hook and ball motion would be more familiar to you. Don’t buy a ball just because of someone else’s success or because you like the name or color. Choose the proper ball after honest and complete communication with your favorite ball driller.

Joe Cerar Jr.

*Posted with permission from Luby Publishing Inc.