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How To Replace The Toe Cap On Your 3G Shoes

Tools Needed:

  • Slot Screw Driver

  • Thin piece of cardboard or suitable substitute

  • Contact Cement

  • Razor Knife

You can order the Replacement Toe Cap here: Replacement Toe Cap Right Handed Grey

  • Note that only Tour Ultras and Shufflers have interchangeable toe caps!

  1. Take the slotted screw driver and break the glued portion of the Toe Cap loose by pushing it between the cap and the shoe. This might require some pushing and turning of the screwdriver on the top as well as the bottom of the shoe.

  2. After the glue is separated, turn the shoe over, sole facing up, and push the screwdriver between the toe cap and the bottom of the shoe. This will separate the Velcro and allow the toe cap to come off.

  3. Clean any leftover contact cement from the shoe; this may require a razor knife.

  4. Check the fit of the Toe Cap by trying a "dry run". Certain sizes might require a small amount of trimming on the bottom of the Toe Cap. If this is the case, CAREFULLY trim off excess material with your razor knife, the sharper, the better.

  5. Place a thin layer of contact cement on the inside of the new toe cap, mostly toward the top side, and also put contact cement on the opposing part of the shoe. Allow the glue to cure for approximately 2 - 3 minutes before trying to put the new one on.

  6. Place the thin cardboard piece between the Toe Cap and the shoe to keep the Velcro separated, this will allow you to push the toe cap all the way up against the front of the shoe with very little resistance. When you are satisfied with the fit on the front of the shoe, pull the cardboard out and smooth the toe cap together with the Velcro. Another thin layer of contact cement may be applied between the edge of the cap and the traction sole to seal the toe cap.

  7. Let it dry for at least 24 hours before attempting to bowl.