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How To Release A Bowling Ball

If you wish to learn how to release a bowling ball, here is one very quick tip to help? “Let your hand follow your ball toward your target.”

When your bowling ball exits your hand at the “moment of release” between the back of your slide shoe and the laces of the shoe, allow your hand to continue moving toward your target down lane following the ball path. Ideally, the front part of your bowling arm (where blood is normally drawn in a laboratory) should be facing the pins at the “moment of release.”

Your bowling fingers should rotate slightly after your thumb exits the ball without the entire arm rotating. The bowling fingers should rotate perhaps two hours on a clock dial, from six to four o’clock as example for a right handed bowler, so you will create enough bowling ball axis tilt to produce a positive hooking motion.

Allow your fingers and thumb to flow smoothly out of the ball. Please allow your hand to follow through in the same direction as the ball travels toward your target. Prevent your bowling hand from moving in a different direction than the ball is traveling. The elbow of your bowling arm should follow directly behind your hand so you avoid deliveries left or right of your target line. The forward-swing continuing motion after the release, known as the “follow-through”, should also maintain a target orientation. Hold your form until the ball passes the target. These tips will help you learn how to release a bowling ball.

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