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How To Reduce Bowling Tension

If you find yourself too nervous or "edgy" before beginning your session on the lanes, then learning how to reduce bowling tension will help you perform under pressure. Since there are many reasons why bowlers experience pressure, it helps to understand what causes these feelings first and then how to reduce bowling tension.

Tension is also referred to as stress, pressure, anxiety, fear, or over eagerness. The common link in all these forms or expressions of tension is energy. Tension is typically derived from static energy or energy stored at a state of rest. When static energy is transformed into kinetic energy, the energy of motion, then the tensions derived from a static energy level are distributed into the body as a flowing state of motion. This state of kinetic energy in bowling may be referred to as a "working energy" and is very useful to help by providing the necessary stimulation to remain focused on your game.

Because of this natural phenomenon of "working energy" in bowling, any tensions you experience before competition will be automatically be transformed into "working energy" and will be useful during competition. It is, therefore, important to recognize that tensions are your personal resource for power needed to compete.

Welcome any nervousness or tension before you begin bowling. Do not force a false sense of relaxation or try and convince yourself you are not nervous. Nerves and tension are welcomed sources of energy and should be acknowledged as such with the understanding that if you allow them to level off into a sustaining "working energy" during your entire session on the lanes, you will give yourself the best chances at success.

It is human nature to accommodate fear, nerves, or anxiety before undertaking anything important. Knowledge of the fact that your brain works most efficiently when it has sufficient energy from which to draw from is the first step to accepting your temporary state of tension or nerves before competition. Because your brain is calling for energy so it can perform its tasks in guiding you in the physical motion required to bowl well, you must allow yourself to indulge the build up of temporary tension so static energy can be stored.

In the same way your brain tells your body to relax and rest when you sleep so your body can store renewed energy for the next morning, your brain tells you when it needs energy to ready your body for physical activities. Allow the forces of nature to flow in your body and become "kinetic working energy" and understand that the burst of tensions are the beginning signs of "working energy" to help you perform you best in competition.

Your automobile needs fuel to burn in order to run properly. Your body, in much the same way, needs food for fuel and a source to convert the nutrition into energy of motion. Tension is the conduit to "working energy" and must be welcomed by you before you compete in any physical endeavor, bowling included.

Fear and tension are also developed by elements unknown to the brain. When your brain has the power to convert the unknown into known tasks to combat the challenges ahead, then the brain can use the fear and tension as its "reservoir of energy" and will enable you to convert the energy of tension into the needed "working energy" to compete.

Many books or writings by sports psychologists share techniques or ideas how to relax during competition. Some techniques require controlled breathing. Some suggestions are to sit still, close your eyes and enter a catatonic state of repose.

Essentially you are asked to suppress the very sources of energy you will need to sustain the rigors of competition. Why not face the tensions head on, welcome them as the first state of "working energy", get yourself prepared for physical competition, and then go to work and enjoy natures own reliable sources of energy while you perform.

Your brain and body require energy to perform. Welcome your natural sources of energy and understand that your fear is merely your brain asking for the raw energy to draw upon for pending physical endeavors. Enjoy your new personal power. We must say, however, you must practice your bowling as often and as long as possible to develop your physical skills. Then your mental powers and "working energy" coupled with developed physical skills will help you achieve the desired results.

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