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How To Raise Your Bowling Average Without Rolling A Strike

If you are averaging at or near 160, you may not realize that it is possible to raise your average without rolling a strike.

When you are bowling in a league and you need a series score of 480 for three games to maintain your average, it is possible to roll somewhere around a 520 series without ever rolling a single strike.

Furthermore, it is possible to roll 520 for three games with one open frame in each game while getting no strikes at all.

You merely need to fill nine frames with good pin counts and make the spares, have one open frame, score around 170 or slightly better two of the games. In the mid or high 160’s the third game, and you will get a series score of 520 or better.

A 520 series will help raise your average.

The point clearly made here is that you do not always need strikes to raise your average. You do not need strings of strikes to get one big game to raise your average.

By improving your spare shooting ability and by filling frames, you can average 170 - 180 without ever getting a strike.

Once you learn the skill of aligning properly to hit the pocket repeatedly, you will get your share of strikes. Plenty of strikes.

When you hit the pocket and do not strike, improving your spare shooting process helps you average well above 175 or 180. Toss in improvements in your shot making, you will also increase your ability to hit the pocket frequently.

Raising your average directly correlates to increasing your spare conversion percentage. Reducing the number of open frames you record in leagues is the fastest way to improve your average.