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How To Punch Out The Bowling Tenth Frame

Everybody wants to punch out in the tenth frame. The goal of every competitive bowler is to strike out in the tenth frame of every game.

If you want to give yourself the best chances at punching out in the tenth, hit the pocket.

You must hit the pocket all three shots in the tenth to have any chance at striking each shot.

By hitting the pocket enough, you will strike enough on average to bowl a good game and attain a good score. However, it is important to dial in all three shots in the tenth frame and hit the pocket or forget about striking out your game.

Hitting the pocket must be your chief priority.

If you are bowling on a given pair of lanes in league or tournament competition, you will have had four previous shots on the lane where you will finish your game. You should have a good idea by the time you arrive at the tenth frame as to how you intend to play the lane.

Being realistic about your chances of striking out is a good idea. If you have missed the pocket each of the four previous deliveries on the lane you will finish your game on, it is to be expected that hitting the pocket all three times in the tenth frame is a difficult task.

When bowling games where you simply are not lined up to the pocket leading into your final frames, make the best, most educated, decision you can based on your previous shots and trust your decision. Make as good of a shot as you can. If you happen to hit the pocket after missing it each previous frame, you still stand a chance of striking.

When you are not properly lined up to the pocket or when you are getting a poor bowling ball reaction, don’t place too much pressure on yourself to strike the game out.

Use your best judgment, make a decision on which adjustment you believe is the best one at the time you are preparing to bowl your final frame, and just think about making one good shot.

However, if you are bowling on a pair of lanes where you have hit the pocket most every, if not all, deliveries leading into the tenth frame, then you best expect to make a good shot and hit the pocket again.

If you are striking several times on your finishing lane, trust yourself to make one more good shot. Get the strike, trust yourself again to make another good shot in the 11th frame, and repeat the process in the 12th frame.

When you miss the pocket in the tenth frame after hitting it every previous delivery that game, it is time have a little talk with yourself. Summon the courage to avoid it happening again.

No bowler strikes out in the tenth frame every time. One thing we know is that in order to do so, you must hit the pocket all three deliveries for the best chance and you must do so one shot at a time. No secrets here; hit the pocket if you expect to strike out the game.