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How To Make One Good Bowling Shot

If you wish to learn how to make one good bowling shot, then follow these few tips and get to the lanes and practice. Focus on key fundamentals of your physical game and on your target and you will improve your ability in how to make one good bowling shot at a time. To score well requires delivering the ball over and over accurately and at a consistent speed with a consistent release technique. If you can make one good delivery, then you can make another and another until your ability to make a series of good shots becomes part of your game.

Here are eleven simple tips which will lead you to sharpening your physical game skills and to improved bowling ball deliveries:

1. Focus your eyes on the target throughout the approach, the delivery, and until the ball passes your target.

2. Maintain an athletic posture during your approach.

3. Emphasize a consistent pace or tempo of footsteps. Try and avoid accelerating your steps excessively, particularly the final two steps which are most critical. Fast steps will cause hurried and inaccurate releases.

4. Begin your arm-swing slightly before beginning the first step of a four-step approach and do not rush the process.

5. Allow the downswing to flow freely to the top of the back-swing in one uninterrupted motion, then swing freely and without arm tension downward until the ball reaches the "release zone."

6. Practice a full follow through motion each delivery so your ball speed remains consistent.

7. Hold your form at the foul line and maintain your balance until the ball impacts the pins, or at least until your ball passes your target on the lane.

8. Maintaining good balance throughout your approach is key to good shot-making. Avoid sudden movement of your head and shoulders while releasing your bowling ball.

9. Focus only on what you are doing on each shot individually and avoid thinking ahead of yourself or about frames in the past.

10. Make a good start to your approach smoothly and with balance and a good finish to your approach so you are in a good position to make an accurate release of your ball.

11. Practice keeping an intense focus with your eyes on your target throughout each approach and delivery. Make a fierce commitment to roll the ball over your target on the lane.

These tips are not new concepts but rather time-tested and proven to help you become a good shot-maker. Spend some dedicated time on the lanes rehearsing these physical and focus tips. Organize your practice sessions as to allow sufficient time to practice each tip so you are familiarized with the process and confident your shot-making skills are on the rise.

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