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How To Keep Your Head Balanced While Bowling

Learning how to keep your head balanced while bowling is an important key in making an effective bowling ball delivery. Keeping your head as motionless as possible during your approach to the foul line is one key to a well balanced approach.

While examining how to keep your head balanced while bowling, we must first begin with your posture and set-up position on the approach. In the stance position, lean forward about 10 degrees upper-body tilt, allow your backside to push outward slightly, and flex your knees. Set your head in a level position so your chin is not downward and in contact with your chest. A level head position while you walk to the foul line will help you maintain good upper body balance as you enter the critical release zone near your sliding bowling shoe.

Sudden movements of your head will change the center of balance in your torso while you make your approach to the foul line.  Keep your head steady with the chin at or above shoulder level so you are able to maintain balance and stability throughout the approach to the foul line with your eyes fixed on your target. Remaining motionless with your torso during your approach will make it easy to keep your head level and see your target clearly from start to finish of your approach.

Another way to maintain good head balance is to avoid unnecessary upper-body elevation changes, either upward, downward, forward, or back, during the approach and the release. Maintain good knee flex throughout your approach to help you avoid sudden elevation changes. Relaxed and flexed knees help you maintain proper elevation during your approach.

Some bowlers will press their head and shoulders too far forward just prior to release. By pressing forward or thrusting your head forward to try and help you release the bowling ball will shift your balance center and can cause inaccurate deliveries. Avoiding pressing your head forward suddenly before releasing the bowling ball gives you the best change at making a good delivery.

As in any sport, good balance leads to good results. Your chances for error increase when you introduce unneeded head movement during your approach. Keeping your head still and your eyes on your target while walking to the line will lead to improved bowling scores.

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