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How To Increase Bowling Ball Speed and Maintain Balance

If you wish to learn more about how to increase bowling ball speed and maintain balance, there are a couple of easy changes to your swing which will produce good results. If you wish to increase your ball speed, you must begin with good balance first while taking your approach and not losing balance because you are trying to gain ball speed.
Without good bowling balance, you will not retain any degree of accuracy on a consistent basis.  Knowing how to increase bowling ball speed and maintain balance starts with checking your body posture in the stance position and throughout your approach to the foul line.

Enough cannot be stated about good bowling balance. If you set up properly and avoid unnecessary head and upper body movement while walking to the foul line, then you will give yourself the best chance to also retain good balance as you begin your slide step and release the bowling ball. No matter how hard you throw the ball, good balance must be retained at all times to achieve any degree of accuracy when releasing your ball toward your target on the lane.
Normally, bowlers wish to increase speed for two primary reasons, improved pin carry or to avoid having the bowling ball hook sooner than desired. If you already have a high ball speed, there is only a need to increase speed perhaps one or two additional m.p.h. before reaching the threshold of effective speed and good pin carry ranges.  If you have good ball speed now, then do not work overly hard at increasing your speed but rather look for ways to use your bowling ball equipment to match with lane conditions.
For most players, one proven technique to gain ball speed is to hold your ball higher than normal (about a ball height) in your set-up position.  If you hold the ball knee level, then raise the ball in your set-up to about waist level.  If you hold the ball at waist level, then raise and hold the ball at shoulder level.
Begin your swing toward your target slightly upward and outward until your arm is fully extended as to create substantial momentum on the down-swing and back-swing motions.  From the top of your back-swing, permit the ball to swing freely, swiftly and smoothly to a full follow-through position and toward your target.  You may encounter a slight increase in your footwork to match the increase in your swing speed.
It is important to keep your bowling leg and arm muscles relaxed and free of tensions during your approach.  Tight muscles move more slowly than loose muscles. Loose muscles allow you to pick up the pace of your swing and thereby deliver the bowling ball at an increased speed in comparison to a tense swing.
Also, holding the ball higher than normal will increase swing momentum because you will automatically generate a longer swing arc or swing radius. Gravity will help you accelerate your swing because of an long swing arc. Another factor in maintaining balance and increasing ball speed is to accelerate the forward swing without forcing the swing and trying to help get more speed by using the torso to help release the ball.  Instead, remain stable as your swing enters the release zone and avoid movement of your head and torso until the ball is delivered well after your follow through motion.

Forces of gravity will help you gain speed if you use proper techniques. It is recommended you consult with a certified bowling coach/instructor or a local bowling professional to help you understand ball speed limits and maintaining your balance.
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