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How To Improve Your Bowling Balance

Learning how to improve your bowling balance during your approach is an extremely important key in making an effective bowling ball delivery. Maintaining good posture and being in an athletic position at all times during the approach to the foul line are keys in how to improve your bowling balance. A stable upper body posture at stance and throughout the approach to the foul line will encourage a consistent releasing action of the bowling ball during your sliding step.

In the stance position, lean forward about 10-15 degrees upper-body tilt, allow your backside to push outward slightly, and flex your knees. Your knee caps should be directly positioned over the toes of your shoes with the front part of your shoulders in a straight line down to your knee caps and continue to the tips of your bowling shoes whereby all are aligned perpendicularly to the floor. This stance will encourage a solid, athletic body set-up position and should be maintained during your entire approach to the foul line and during the slide and release actions.

Place the bowling ball in your bowling hand immediately in front of your bowling shoulder, with the center of the ball in front of the shoulder, and as close to your body as is comfortable. The closer the ball is to your body, the more relaxed are the arm muscles. Muscles of your bowling arm need to be as tension free as possible so the tempo of your swing will be unimpaired, consistent, and the ball can swing freely along a desired path aligned to your target down the lane.

Holding the ball in the center of your body instead of in front of your bowling shoulder encourages a back swing path to the outside of your shoulder to avoid your bowling ball contacting your hip or leg on its way to the top of the back swing. Unless you are very efficient at realigning your swing back into the correct alignment position before beginning the forward swing motion, your swing path could be off the desired swing line toward your target because of where you hold the bowling ball during set-up and in the stance position.

Maintain this relationship of shoulders above the knees with the same degree of upper-body tilt throughout the walk to the foul line to ensure good balance and stability while releasing the ball. Try to avoid excessive shoulder tilt at the stance position and while you are walking to the foul line. The bowling shoulder should be no more than perhaps one or two inches below the level of your other shoulder at all times.

Keep your head steady with the chin above shoulder level so you would be able to maintain balance and stability throughout the approach to the foul line with your eyes fixed on your target. Remain motionless with the upper body at all times during the approach and remain as stable as possible while releasing the ball during the sliding step.

Avoid unnecessary upper-body elevation changes, either upward, downward, forward, or back, during the approach and the release. Also, try to avoid unneeded shoulder rotation while you are swinging the bowling ball. Excessive shoulder opening and closing motions can cause a realignment of the swing path and may not match the desired direction the ball needs to be released toward your target. After beginning your arm swing, keep your non-bowling arm fully extended along the line created by your shoulders and about waist height throughout your approach, release, and follow through motions.

As in any sport, good balance leads to good results. Your chances for error increase when you introduce unneeded body movement during your approach. Ideally, with only your legs and your bowling arm moving during your approach, you will maintain good balance, improve your accuracy and your bowling scores.

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