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How To Hold Your Bowling Balance At The Foul Line

When examining how to hold your bowling balance at the foul line, it is important to commit to being in a set and very stable position with your upper body when delivering the bowling ball.  Regardless of how skilled you are, whether you are a professional champion, a top ranked amateur player, or simply a very talented player locally, good shot-making is the objective for anyone who wishes to succeed and it starts with good balance at the line.

Keeping your upper body as still as possible when you slide and deliver the bowling ball and holding your form until the ball approaches your target on the lane is as critical to effective shot-making as any other fundamental component of your game.  This principle of retaining good form at the line and being well balanced is as important now as in the past will never change over time.

How to hold your bowling balance at the foul line can be accomplished by developing and retaining a few physical game techniques and making sure these techniques are a fixed part of your game.  Here are a few techniques to monitor in your game during practice sessions which are designed to help you maintain good form and balance at the foul line:

1. Sliding Leg - make sure your slide leg has sufficient knee flex to support the full weight of your body as you slide into the line.

2. Sliding shoe - Keep your sliding bowling shoe aligned with the boards on the lane and sliding under the center of your body to provide good stability when releasing the ball.

3. Balance Leg - your balance-leg should sweep out of the way in the opposite direction of your bowling arm as you begin your slide and your balance-leg shoe should remain in contact with the floor to stabilize your upper body and counter the momentum built from the bowling ball swinging at a rapid rate on the opposite side of your body.

4. Shoulders - your shoulders should remain in a line directly over the knee cap of your sliding leg and not pressed forward ahead of your knee so the majority of your body weight is centered over your sliding leg and your upper body remains very stable as you release the ball and while the ball travels down the lane toward your target.

5. Head - your eyes must remain fixed on your target and your head should remain as motionless as possible while releasing the ball and after the ball leaves your hand and travels to your target.  Your chin should stay at shoulder level or above so you do not make a sudden body weight shift forward during your release.

6. Follow through - wait for your swing and follow through motion to complete its movement and hold your form for a second or until your bowling ball reaches your target on the lane. Remain as motionless as possible as though you are posing for a photograph and you wish to display good form.

Good balance at the foul line is all set-up well before you slide into the line. If you maintain good upper body posture from the beginning of your approach and reduce any wasted motion during your approach, you will be able to arrive at the line, deliver your bowling ball, and hold your form until the ball reaches your target.

A proven practice drill is to hold your form after releasing your ball and remain motionless until the ball reaches the pins. If you are able to hold your form ten consecutive deliveries during your practice sessions and not move away from your delivery position until the ball reaches the pins, you will most certainly have excellent balance and be well positioned to make good shots.

Although these simple techniques seem routine and are nothing new to learn, they are vital in assuring yourself every possible chance at maximizing your abilities as a good shot-maker. Don't cut corners. Build into your practice routine the time needed to make certain you are well balanced and in a good position to deliver the ball and then hold your form.

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