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How To Get Started In Bowling

As a beginning bowler and someone who wishes to learn how to get started in the game, we recommend you do the following:

Find an experienced bowling instructor who is known to work with brand new bowlers and schedule a lesson, or for a series of personalized lessons. This way you can learn fundamentals of the game including bowling etiquette courtesies.

Begin your search for a coach by interviewing bowling center management personnel, pro shop professionals, and read local bowling newspapers and magazines for names of experienced bowling instructors who are able to get you started on the right path.

Once you find your coach and schedule lessons, prepare by investing in a new bowling ball and bowling shoes. If you choose to use a house ball at the local bowling center during your first lesson, at the very least purchase bowling shoes so you get a consistent slide each time you bowl.

Make sure you leave your coaching session with prepared notes recapping the key fundamentals of the game you learned during the session.

Often, the coach will provide you a recap of the key training points covered during the lesson. If not, make you own notes.

Build a practice outline so you are sure to work on all the key fundamentals of the game covered during the lesson.

Practice at least twice per week so you do not forget what you learn and so you develop a good feel with good mental pictures relating to the components of the physical game.

Trying to learn the game without guidance from an experienced instructor only prolongs the time to learn correctly and can be a frustrating process.

Taking a lesson can be surprisingly inexpensive. Lessons are truly the best way to learn the game.

Avoid the urge to take coaching from friends or bowlers who think they understand the game well enough to teach someone else. Bowling instructors are generally professionally trained to work with people with varying levels of athletic skills.

You will not regret learning the game the right way from the beginning by receiving proper coaching. So get started by signing up for a lesson and you will be on your way to enjoying our great game of bowling.