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How To Focus On Your Bowling Target

Keeping your mind on your target while delivering your bowling ball is a key component in improving your accuracy on the lanes. Learning how to focus on your bowling target will help you perform under pressure and develop a target awareness which also leads to higher bowling scores. Since there are many reasons why bowlers experience pressure in performing to a high standard and lose concentration, let's discuss how to focus on your bowling target.
Your brain is your computer. Your computer sends signals to your legs and bowling hand where to deliver the ball. If you input vague or non-committed information to the brain, expect vague and random results. You must, at all costs, focus on precisely where you want your ball to contact a target down the lane and use your eyes and your means to convey the information to your brain. Your brain in return will signal your physical body to deliver the ball exactly where you want the ball to go. Make an effort to understand this "human loop" of inputting information into your computer, your brain, and how the computer sends the signals to your body to react accordingly.

You must train your mind as well as your body during practice sessions to improve your personal powers of concentration. During practice sessions, call out the number of the board your ball rolls over near your down lane target. If you sight the ten board, for example, and your ball rolls over the nine board, vocalize aloud "nine board." If you roll the ball over the eleven board, then vocalize "eleven board." The point in this practice drill is to acknowledge to yourself aloud that you are aware of which board on the lane your bowling ball contacted.
Making yourself fully aware of where your ball has crossed in your target area will make you into a more accurate player. Vocalizing the board your ball crosses in the target area on the lane signals the brain where in relation to your chosen target your ball has crossed in that zone. You must command the brain with specific information to get the positive results you seek. The entire process of targeting on the lane requires as much focus and concentration as does monitoring your physical game during your approach to the foul line.
Planning the next delivery is a process which reoccurs after each frame. Between frames it is important to think about where you will align yourself on the next delivery and where you will specifically sight on the lane as your target. Committing to a specific target on the lane and keeping that target in your focus throughout your approach and delivery is as important as monitoring your physical game keys.
When stepping up to the ball return in preparation of making your next delivery, remind yourself exactly where you want your bowling ball to go. Input into your computer the target location and then zoom in with your eyes on your target when you step onto the approach.
It is not possible to concentrate fully and commit to your target each delivery unless you train yourself to do so first during practice sessions. Practice with enthusiasm, with purpose, and with intent on focusing on your physical game and alignment techniques. Socialize before and after your sessions on the lanes. While preparing for or in competition, think about your target and what you have to do to make an accurate delivery. It begins with full focus on your target - it can be that simple.

Perhaps you have other techniques which help you remain focused on your target? If so, please use them and train yourself to do so each delivery. Perhaps you have a sports doctor to consult or a certified and experienced bowling instructor to consult? Any number of useful tips can help you improve your powers of concentration and focus on your target. Start today with a renewed commitment to improving your bowling accuracy.
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