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How To Deflate Tension In Your Bowling Swing

Two key components of an effective bowling arm swing are tempo and direction. None of it works, however, without first learning how to deflate tension in your bowling swing. Tempo and direction have always been keys of successful arm swings so let's begin by learning from set-up and throughout the approach how to deflate tension in your bowling swing.

Amateur bowlers often have to overcome the tendency to shoving the bowling ball into the pushaway motion abruptly and forcefully, which, in turn, plays havoc with keeping their arm swing in sync with footwork. Here are a few tips to begin the swing motion effectively:

1. Hold the bowling ball close to your body in set-up position so the ball feels much lighter than if you hold it away from your body.

2. The first movement of the bowling ball is sometimes referred to as the "pushaway" motion. Begin your swing motion fluidly and slowly as though you are handing the bowling ball gently to a child. Keep pace with your internal tempo.

3. You may feel anxiety about making a good shot but don't allow it to manifest itself in a tight grip on the bowling ball. Use a firm grip but not one so tight as to tense the muscles in your bowling arm.

4. Once you have moved the ball into motion toward your target, your ball should swing naturally and smoothly with the force of gravity allowing your bowling arm to be fully extended as your arm begins the back swing cycle. Reducing arm tension helps the pushaway and back swing motions move very smoothly and consistently.

5. Allow the entire the swing cycle to be tension free and allow your feet to match the pace of your arm swing while maintaining alignment with your target on the lane.

6. From your set-up position and throughout your approach, allow your neck, shoulders, and legs to be as tension free and relaxed as possible. So your swing and footwork remain in sync, it is key to relax your muscles and not hurry either motion.

These are simple tips but effective and proven ones. If you have any questions about your swing and how to relax your muscles when bowling, we recommend you seek consultation with a certified bowling instructor or with a top amateur/professional player in your area.

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