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How To Choose Circle Women’s Bowling Shoes

If you wish to learn how to choose Circle women's bowling shoes, then simply consider three factors to assist you in the selection process:

  1. 1. Shoe Options

  2. 2. Models & Features

  3. 3. Price

Circle bowling shoes are a popular brand providing competitive bowlers comfort and quality while also being available in attractive colors and at wonderful bargain prices right here at In order to determine how to choose Circle women's bowling shoes simply familiarize yourself with shoe model options available now and take advantage of the purchase opportunities for Circle shoes here at our site.

Examples of women's shoes begin with the Circle "Women's Rio" model in black and pink and in pink and white priced at $26.39 and $22.00 respectively while the supply lasts. Remember, every item at includes free shipping with no hidden charges. These models of shoes feature a universal design for use by both right and left handed bowlers, are stylishly designed and constructed with soft, man-made uppers. No doubt, both models are great bargains for the price!

Other shoe models at wonderful prices are the "Women's Athletic" model in white featuring soft uppers, foam padded collars and toe bumpers to protect the slide sole, flat rubber heels for consistent braking action, and are medium in width. This model is priced at only $18.00 while supply lasts. The "Women's Pro" athletic shoe has the same features as the "Athletic" model and comes in white and blue colors and is priced at $22.19.

The Circle "Women's Elite" models in (right handed only) are available in black and purple and in silver and pink colors and are priced at $22.99. These models feature a black super microfiber lightweight upper with breathable ventage. The non-slip padded lining and raised rubber heels provide stability and smooth braking control. Both models also have removable cushion insoles. The "Women's Elite" left handed model is available in black and purple colors and has the same features as do the right handed models priced at $32.99.

The Circle "Women's Sport" model comes in yellow/black/grey colors and are soft feeling, durable, and comfortable shoes priced at $22.19 and have the same features as the "Women's Elite" models.

The Circle "Unisex Rio" models are offered in black and white, in black and blue, and in black and yellow colors and are priced at $23.39. These models feature stylish designs, glow in the dark under black lighting, and are equipped with soft feeling man-made uppers. Unisex shoes are made for both men and women and are fashionable, durable and comfortable.

Be sure to refer to our "Women's Inch-To-Size" chart to assist in choosing the right size shoe during the purchase process.

When are are ready to place an order, kindly follow our easy online instructions or give us a call at (888) 265-2695 and one of our sales associates will be available to assist 24 hours per day. Thanks for visiting!