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How To Choose ABS 3G Womens Bowling Shoes

By learning how to choose ABS 3G womens bowling shoes, you can get top quality and stylish shoes at great prices by simply considering three key factors:

1. Shoe Options

2. Models and Features

3. Price

ABS has provided the Kangaroo line of bowling shoes successfully for many years. The "3G" line provides fashionable shoes with good colors so if you wish to determine how to choose ABS 3G womens bowling shoes, then you are at the right place here at

One example of a popular shoe model competitive bowlers use which works well on a variety of lane approach conditions is the Women's Tour Ultra White/Gold Right Handed women's shoe  priced at $139.99. This model is part of a premium line of shoes which allows you to adjust your slide to the conditions you frequently encounter. Some outstanding features of this shoe is the Kangaroo leather upper, the rubber traction sole and rubber toe cap, three interchangeable soles, one sole cleat, and three interchangeable heels with 21 cleats. This model also provides accessories such as a shoe horn, a carry all, a slide sole cover, form keepers, and a cleat pick.

The Sport Classic White/Purple Women's Right Handed model has the tennis shoe look with soft feel and with the added feature of an interchangeable soles, made of synthetic leather, has a rubber toe cap and traction sole, has vented inner soles coupled with a synthetic leather sole and is priced at $89.99. This model is a great bargain at the price point.

Kindly be reminded that each and every item at comes includes free shipping with no hidden charges. Be sure to refer to our "Womens Inch-To-Size" chart to assist in getting the right size shoe during the purchase process. has become the No. 1 "e-tailer" of choice for bowling products by the consumers of America. When you are ready to place your order, merely follow the easy online instructions or give us a call at (888) 265-2695 and one of our sales associates will be ready to assist 24 hours per day. Thanks for visiting