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How To Bowl Less And Score More

If you are approaching the time of year when you will not bowl as often as during the heart of the bowling season, then perhaps following a few key tips to sharpen your game will help you learn how to bowl less and score more.

It certainly helps to develop a structured practice session routine so when you do get time to head to the lanes and bowl, you can make best use of your time working on your physical game in an organized manner. Knowing how to bowl less and score more gives you an edge when you get back to bowling regularly next season.

Use these practice tips, all of which are time tested and proven to work:

1. Set-up in an athletic posture with your knees flexed and your spine angle tilted forward perhaps 10-15 degrees. Maintain this posture during your approach.

2. Focus on a consistent pace or tempo of footsteps. Avoid accelerating your steps excessively. The final two steps of your approach are very critical in making accurate deliveries so do not hurry them in anticipation of delivering the bowling ball.

3. Start your arm-swing smoothly as though you are handing your bowling ball to a small child.

4. Allow the down-swing to flow freely to the top of the back-swing in one uninterrupted motion.

5. From the top of the back-swing, allow the bowling ball to swing freely and smoothly without arm control downward until the ball reaches the "delivery zone."

6. Maintain a consistent tempo on the back-swing and forward-swing on each delivery.

7. Focus on releasing your bowling ball at the same precise time relative to your sliding bowling shoe thereby delivering your ball over the foul line and entering the lane surface at a gradual descending angle.

8. Make a complete follow through motion after delivering the ball until the bottom of your elbow reaches shoulder height at the minimum.

9. Maintain the same spine angle tilt forward and keep your head motionless while taking your final two steps and delivering the ball.

10. Balance during the delivery process is critical in attaining accuracy and good results.

11. Keep your eyes focused on your sight target on the lane throughout your approach.

12. Hold your form when delivering the ball and until the ball passes the sighting target.

13. Bring your bowling ball equipment to the practice lanes and make sure the ball surface textures are prepared as needed and ready to use.

As bowling great Nelson Burton, Jr., PBA Hall of Fame Champion and ABC TV Tour commenter, often mentioned on TV, "hold your form under pressure." That is one tip which remains important in any era of bowling. By the way, Step #3 above was offered by former PBA bowling star and now a very successful coach in Southern California, Mark Baker.

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