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How To Bowl 300 Every Game

By:, 3/14/16

Sorry, but this article is not really about how to bowl 300 every game. Impossible.

Well, if you only bowl 3 games in league, it can be done and has been done several times over the last 20 years. But every game you bowl - every game - no way!

If you are averaging in the 160’s or 170’s, you might want to think instead of improving your average, you know, knock down more wood.

The term “wood”, by the way, in bowling refers to the pins. Knock down more pins and reduce your number of open frames to raise your average.

Pick up more spares and raise your average.

Hit the pocket more often and raise your average by virtue of leaving easy spares to convert and strike more frequently than hitting the pocket only sporadically.

Improving your bowling average is a simple matter of cutting down the number of mistakes, errant shots, you make during competition.

Spares - There are numerous spare systems. Make sure you adopt a spare system which you are both comfortable using and one which works well on lane conditions you face most often.

Use a spare ball which you can control whether you are bowling across the lane at corner pin spares or in the middle of the lane for spares near the head pin.

Alignment - Using the oil pattern applied to the lane surface to help steer your ball into the pocket is key to raising your average. If you align to the pocket effectively using the oil blend to assist your ball reaction and get to the pocket consistently, your average will improve.

Adjustments - If you use the adjustments you trust, the ones proven to work, to re-align to the pocket as lane conditions change, then you will raise your average.

Alignment to the pocket, adjustments, and choosing the right bowling ball to best match with lane conditions are the challenges you face if you strive to improve your average.

If you are uncertain about how to make adjustments and which type of adjustments will give you the best success, check in with your bowling instructor to address the matter.

Your coach can also help you tune up your physical game and your ability of repeating good shots. This process derived from sharpen your game will help raise your average.

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