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How To Begin The Bowling Forward Swing

Learning about components of an effective arm swing will help you learn about your own swing. In this article, let's discuss how to begin the bowling forward swing.

Examining how to begin the bowling forward swing begins with identifying the positioning of your bowling hand and the bowling ball relative to your bowling shoulder once your swing reaches the top of your back swing. The height of your back swing will depend on several factors. How high you hold the bowling ball from the floor in your stance position will influence the pace of the back swing once the ball begins swinging. How much you restrict the ball from swinging loosely and freely from your bowling shoulder during the back swing motion will influence the back swing height. Your physical stature contributes to the your level of flexibility and to how high the ball will swing in relation to shoulder level. Typically, the ball should swing to about shoulder level at the top of the back swing cycle.

By the way, it certainly helps to keep the muscles in your bowling arm and hand relaxed as you begin your back swing. Loose muscles move swiftly and smoothly. A consistent pace of back swing will help produce good speed control results. If you begin the swing motion with your ball directed toward your target on the lane and you allow the ball to swing freely, then your back swing will follow a good path aligned to your target and should arrive behind your bowling shoulder at the top of the back swing.

The fingers of your bowling hand in the ball at the top of your back swing should be positioned behind your bowling shoulder and very near the pit area of your bowling shoulder. This general ball positioning behind your shoulder allows your forward swing to remain very close to your body and swing under the shoulder as your hand enters the release zone.

Try to maintain the inside edge of your bowling arm elbow very close to the torso of your body so your swing remains under your shoulder on the forward swing. With your elbow close to your body and bowling fingers swinging the ball under the bowling shoulder, then your arm will avoid rotating too soon and will remain in the "slot" area of your forward swing.

Early hand and arm rotation on the forward swing before your hand reaches the release zone may cause errant deliveries, usually to the inside of your target on the lane. Keeping the ball swinging under your shoulder near your body with the inside edge of your elbow next to your torso will help maintain good forward swing alignment.

Avoiding a sudden increase in gripping pressure with your hand on the ball before your hand enters the release zone will also help you maintain good forward swing alignment. Try to avoid grabbing at the ball during the swing motion. Maintain a smooth pace to your forward swing, just as you would in your back swing and keep a consistent gripping pressure throughout the entire swing process.
The forward swing is an important key to making accurate deliveries of the bowling ball. If you have any questions about swing techniques, we recommend you seek consultation with a certified bowling coach or with a top amateur/professional player in your area to work at improving the effectiveness of your arm swing. Bowling instructions typically are provided at modest fees but can make a big difference in helping you on a path to progress.

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