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How To Average 200 In Bowling, Originally Posted: 1/5/2013; Updated 6/5/2023

How can you elevate your average scores from 185 or 190 per game to the 200 plateau? Unless you are presently at least a 185 average, it is difficult to jump to a 200+ average without considerable improvement in your physical game skills. You certainly can raise your average from 160 to 175 or from 175 to 190 with disciplined practice and following the suggestions below.

There are multiple reasons why you may not currently be averaging 200. One reason is an obvious one - too many open frames per three games of league play. It is imperative to work very hard at becoming a highly skilled spare shooter. To improve your spare shooting skills, you must first rely on a spare system which works well on the lane conditions you face in competition.

If you find yourself missing the 10 pin as a right handed player, you must find a solution to convert that spare a higher percentage of times. It might be as simple as a ball change for that spare such as a plastic ball which hooks less than a urethane ball.

It might be a problem in your walking pattern after making your alignment adjustment across the lane. It could be improper sighting targets as lanes change during competition. There are several reasons why any of us miss a spare. Working to become more effective at converting common spares is the first step in raising your average.

Hitting the pocket on strike ball deliveries more often will help you get more strikes and leave fewer, easier spares. Improving your pocket percentage and your strike percentage are great methods of raising your average. When you get more strikes by increasing your ratio of hitting the pocket per league session, you also increase the chances of getting more doubles or three "baggers", thereby improving your scores.

Work tediously at identifying proper initial alignment strategies based on the lane conditions you face in competition. Once you select an initial alignment strategy, it may vary slightly from week to week and adjustments might be needed. Reasons lane conditions may appear different from week to week could be a result of bowling on different pairs of lanes each week, bowling on oil patterns that vary due to lane machine mechanics or, changes in climate and humidity.

The ability to think quickly and make an adjustment to compensate for the ball missing the pocket separates the highly skilled and top average players from the lower average players. Making accurate lane adjustments is an art you can learn by consulting an experienced bowling instructor who is familiar with local lane conditions.

Being a skilled shot maker is something we all strive toward. Any improvement you make in reproducing good deliveries will give you improved chances at raising your average. You can improve your shot making by regulating your ball speed and your loft control. Regulating both of these will help you get consistent ball reactions making your job lining up to the pocket correctly much easier.

Developing a simple and consistent delivery technique encourages good ball reaction. Having a consistent release and hand action when delivering your bowling ball will help your ball read the mid-lane and the back-ends consistently. Work hard in practice sessions to deliver your ball without rotating your bowling fingers sooner than needed. Deliver your ball at a consistent speed in an acceptable speed range and get your ball over the foul line consistently as planned to produce reliable ball reaction.

Understand the bowling ball equipment you already use. Make certain you get the ball surfaces textured and maintained on a regular basis so you can control your ball skid length and back-end reaction.

Because there are so many reasons a bowler cannot seem to elevate his or her average to get past the 200 average threshold, it is important to focus on the most common areas of your game to make improvements. The suggestions in this article will help you do the little things you need to do without making major changes to your physical game.

Finally, working with a professional bowling instructor is one sure way to identify areas of your game which can be improved upon to get you to that prestigious 200 average level of player, and beyond.

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