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How Good Of A Bowler Are You?

If you must answer the question how good of a bowler are you, where would you begin?

Are you finding yourself admiring your favorite pro bowler and thinking many of his or her skills are the same as your own.

Are you using your bowling average as your basis for comparison and evaluation of your talent.

Is it important to know how good you are?

If you must describe yourself as a player, perhaps knowing what key factors are in being an accomplished player, then compare yourself accordingly.

First, to thine own self be true.

Bowling honestly goes much further than bowling with vanity.

It is very important to have confidence and believe in your abilities, but it is more important to be specific and realistic when evaluating your skills.

Everyone wants to improve. One can improve only when one identifies areas of his or her mental and physical games in need of work.

One may improve when one is as knowledgeable as possible about lanes and oil patterns.

One may improve when one understands bowling ball motion, types of bowling ball coverstocks and core designs, and when they are useful in matching well with given lane conditions.

One can improve when one understands that drilling layouts also influence ball motion and which layouts best match one’s game.

If your average is high enough where you place yourself in upper echelons with other league bowlers in your area and you are pleased with your present status, then you are successful.

If you feel you must improve to be successful by your own standards, go to work and do the things it takes to improve.

Although it is nice to hear other bowlers mention your name as a good player or having rolled a nice series, it is really only your own opinion of your accomplishments to date which matters.

In the end, there is no way of really comparing bowlers because lane conditions vary. Bowling lanes in bowling centers throughout the country vary. Lane oil varies, temperature and humidity factors vary, and delivery styles vary.

Instead of concerning yourself with how you stack up to the talent levels around you, do what you can to improve your own game. Don’t think about others. All you can do is to be the best you can be.

You can answer what your potential is by how hard you are willing to dedicate yourself to improvement. There are no right or wrong approaches to evaluating your game, only to how much time and effort you are willing to invest in your game.

How good of a bowler are you? You are as good as your past efforts to date have allowed. What lies ahead is up to you. Your bowling future lies in your hands. Take some time to enjoy it and enjoy your friends and teammates. Your bowling shelf life is short.