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How Do I Use The Bowling Arrows To Line Up For The Pocket?, Originally Posted: 7/3/14; Updated: 4/22/21

If you ask how do I use the bowling arrows to line up to the pocket, you are paying attention to improving your alignment system and to increasing your percentage of pocket hits.

Since hitting the pocket is a priority, using the bowling arrows can be one simple system for sighting purposes as an intermediate aim point between the foul line and the pins on the deck at the end of the lane.

The arrows are located about 15 feet past the foul line toward the pins and are in a triangular configuration.

Each of the seven alignment arrows on the lane surface correspond with the front pins of each row of pins on the pin deck and with the middle seven guide dots located at the foul line area on the approach floor.

The arrows are about 5 boards apart from center of arrow to the center of the adjacent arrow.

The arrows are primarily intended for targeting purposes. Generally speaking, it is easier to take dead aim at a target closer to you than further in the distance.

When setting up on the approach preparing to begin walking to the foul line to deliver your bowling ball, the arrows are an easy aim point when keeping your head level and your eyes straight ahead focused on your given sighting target.

Although from time to time you will aim at an arrow, like the 2nd arrow from the edge of the lane, and you will stand, walk, and slide near the center of the approach for an initial alignment positioning when you begin bowling, there are times when you will not aim at a precise bowling arrow.

If your delivery technique allows for a hook ball reaction, then depending how far your ball skids in the front part of the lane and hooks on the back end of the lane will determine if you must adjust either left or right of center with your feet positioning and with your aim point.

Most of the time you will choose an aim point located between arrows depending on where you are best lined up so your ball hits the pocket repeatedly on the lane conditions where you bowl.

As a rule of thumb, if your ball misses the pocket to the right when your ball reaches the pin deck, you should move your feet positioning and your aim point at the bowling arrows to the right.

If you miss left, move left.

The amount you need to move is based on how many boards you miss the pocket, left or right.

If you miss the pocket right by 5 boards, then move five boards right and move your aim point about half as many boards ( 2 or 3 boards) to create a more suitable line to the pocket.

Same adjustment if you miss the pocket five boards left, move your feet positioning about 5 boards left and your aim point at the arrows about half as many boards.

You can adjust multiple times until you find your range and hit the pocket again.

Since each bowler has a different amount of hook, you should expect to adjust and not to stay planted standing on the middle dot on the approach floor and always aiming at the 2nd arrow from the edge of the lane.

Do not fear making alignment adjustments to find your range in hitting the pocket.

It really helps to learn an alignment system and how to use the arrows to your advantage with a bowling instructor standing with you as you train and develop a sound alignment system.

Many bowlers sight at different distances from the foul line as a personal preference. The bowling arrows, however, are the most common aiming point distance from the foul line for all skill levels of bowlers around the world.
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