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How Do I Control My Bowling Ball Skid Distance?

If you ask how do I control my bowling ball skid distance, then you are hunting for the right strategy in gaining a reliable ball reaction?

Bowling ball skid distance control is key to attaining a consistent ball reaction in the mid-lane and at the breakpoint.

If you want to improve your pocket percentage, then controlling your ball skid distance in the front end will help achieve the goal.

If your ball hooks too early in the mid-lane due to insufficient skid distance, then you have a difficult time getting the ball to reach the breakpoint and you will likely see your ball hook high and miss the pocket.

If your ball skids too far, you risk getting the ball beyond the break point slightly and may see your ball come in light or miss the pocket.

Paying close attention to the skid distance of your bowling ball in the front end of the lane is critical in controlling your overall ball motion.

Ball skid (slide) typically refers to the distance your bowling ball will skid on the front end of the lane before changing directions and transitioning (hooking) in the mid-lane.

You can control your ball skid distance as follows:

1. Alter your bowling ball texture (and maintain your ball surfaces with routine maintenance procedures) to either increase or decrease skid distance to best match best with lane oil conditions.

2. Control both your ball speed and your loft distance.

3. Release the ball consistently. Avoid variations of your finger rotation and focus on staying behind the ball until the proper moment of release. If you turn your ball too soon, as example, you will vary the skid distance and will likely get an unreliable ball reaction.

4. Release your hand from the ball below your sliding knee level at the mid-point of your calf on your sliding bowling leg so you get a consistent angle of bowling ball descent into the lane surface.

These tips will help you control your ball skid distance.

The name of the game is hitting the pocket repeatedly.

Ball skid distance control is key to a dependable ball reaction and hitting the pocket when you face competitive bowling situations.

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