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How Can I Stop Aiming So Long On The Bowling Approach?, Originally Posted: 2/18/2015; Updated: 7/2/2022

If you ask how can I stop aiming so long on the bowling approach, you are lacking a bit in commitment to your shotmaking and not trusting your pre-shot plans.

Bowlers who aim a long time usually are perfectionist type players and are trying to make certain everything is just right before taking a step.

The good news is that your brain will send the right signals to your body if you simply trust your skills and your decisions before preparing to bowl.

If you are practicing your game fundamentals, try one little tip of saying to yourself the words “ready, set, go!”

If you take an athletic posture stance on the approach and position your ball and your bowling hand the way you wish, then it is just a small matter of thinking “ready, set, go.”

There is really no need to aim so long as to tighten your muscles or cause mental tension, both of which can cause errant deliveries.

Relax, take your stance on the approach, focus quickly on your sighting target on the lane, and develop the “ready, set, go” mentality.

Once you are used to bowling without aiming for a long time before your first step, it will become automatic and your brain will allow your body to perform to your capabilities.

Like any athletic endeavor, practicing your new tempo in preparing to make a shot gets easier and more routine as you get used to the process.

One way of combating the pressures of competition is to avoid tension whenever possible.

If you find yourself asking how can I stop aiming so long on the bowling approach, it means your inner-self is asking you to react and perform more quickly than your present process produces.

Be smooth and loose and don’t become a statue on the approach. Your new routine will lead to better shots and improved scoring.

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