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Have you claimed your share of The $25,000 Bounty?

That's right, $25,000 dollars cash, bucks, smackers, clams, greenbacks, dinero, coin, moolah, or whatever term it is you like. Here's how it works...
*Shoot a USBC sanctioned 300 game with Bounty

and receive a cut of the $25,000. Pro Shops that drill a Bounty for a bowler that shoots 300 will also receive a share of the $25,000. What's the catch? NONE!

900 Global puts up The Bounty for top bowlers and Pro Shops around the country! This offer is good through April 30th, 2009, at which point the $25,000 will be divided up among the Pro Shops and Bounty 300 game bowlers.

So what are you waiting for? Get yourself a Bounty today and claim your stake!